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If you wish to WRITE an article for others to read, select “Report and choose the geographical region and category(s) that best suit(s) your article's audience. i.e., you can REPORT your society news by using a specific zip code for your local news or events, and/or for a larger audience you can pick a city, add a ciy and/or add a city of your choice to report about.  Better yet, for a state-wide audience you can also report to any specific state and/or  and if you want a bigger audience you can report nationally and/or to the world by selecting those audiences.  As if that is not enough, after you have selected your location ....  you can  position your article in any/or all categories, i.e., sports, general news etc. by using MyFCPANews.org
Sound confusing? It's not.  Give it a try today...Just punch a few button and  Waa La.... you're a reporter... Tell us, your neighborhood  news or tell us your world your news.    Either way you can let your news begin by using MyFCPANews.org.
OR if you wish to READ any of our interesting news that has already been reported,  simply begin by selecting a geographic region such as  World News, National News, State News or for your very Local News pop in a specific zip code with the radius you wish to read about and then select the category. It's easy to read the news and/or to tell your neighbors and/or the world your story when you use MyFCPANews.org
Give it a try, it's fun and easy. 

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